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It's an absolute honor to have you here.

I hope to serve you and your family in the best and most efficient way possible.  Transforming homes is my passion and I feel really blessed that I am able to do this all the time.

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My Story

Thank you for stopping by...

The joy I feel when I see a room come alive for a family or business is really something I live for.  When you come into your home and it’s been transformed into something you are proud of and feel happy in, that is what I get most excited for! Your home is your haven and helping to make it a home you want to be in is why I do what I do!


I started painting when we almost lost our father and painting the house for my mom was just something I felt called to do to make things better around the house.


For over 25 years, I have been painting and changing homes for my family and for my clients, it’s ‘just’ painting, sure, but the joy it brings people helps me to see that it’s more than “just” painting, it’s changing someone’s environment which is really changing someone’s life.  I love being a part of that.


For over a decade, I have also been doing General Contracting and in that time, I have had the privilege of seeing some many new trends that come out that help make not only our jobs as contractors better, but getting the end result for the client even more incredible!


In the world of home renovations, it’s clear that nothing will last forever, but we work to create spaces that have staying power and for that we are really proud.  When you live in a climate like Canada, it’s important to know that upgrades and upkeep are all a part of the process, but we really do strive to create home renovations that are built to last.


Looking forward to getting to know your family and helping your dreams become a reality soon,


Shanon Roy



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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